Agency-Wide Technology Infrastructure Plan

Client Description

The agency did not know what telecommunications technologies they needed to support their growing business
needs. They had a large amount of voice and data telecommunications assets throughout the country, but did not
have a firm handle on what they had and what they needed to go forward with supporting their near-term and longterm

Value Proposition to Client

To manage their telecommunications infrastructure to meet growing business needs, the customer requested that
we provide them with an analysis and plan for moving forward with their IT strategic and tactical plans for the
their telecommunications infrastructure.

We worked with the users, system administrators, and managers across the agency to document and analyze
existing IT telecommunications technologies. We developed in-depth documentation of the existing
telecommunications infrastructure. We developed projections, based on collected data, of the near-term and longterm
telecommunications needs of the agency. We then developed a Gap Analysis highlighting the differences
between what was available and what was needed, both near-term and long-term. Finally, we developed an
Implementation Roadmap, detailing a strategy for moving the agency towards the desired telecommunications
infrastructure that would support their mission.

Nature of Work

  • Created survey to collect HQ and field site information regarding existing technical infrastructure and business goals and objectives
  • Developed inventory of existing equipment and business drivers
  • Performed gap analysis of the current technology and business needs
  • Identified technologies, availability, and cost analysis for upgrades and enhancements to the telecommunications infrastructure
  • Developed framework for local technology planning and implementation

Key Project Outcomes/Successes

As a result of our participation in this important project, the agency learned that in order to plan near- and long-term IT implementations, (prioritized by likelihood of quick success), they must move forward to integrate their IT planning and implementation Framework used by all the IT organizations throughout the agency to include, headquarters, regional, and field organizations.

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July 8, 2015July 8, 2015
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