Group Decision Making

Client Description

Small government contracting business specializing in Information Technology solutions and services. Now has
over 400 people.

Value Proposition to Client

The Company has grown over the six years since it was founded and executive management is now looking for a
way to make every dollar spent on government proposal bids count. We are asked to develop a Bid/No-bid method
for their procurement team to use when determining which larger contracts to bid. We work with the client to develop a structured multi-attribute decision tool to support their Bid/No-Bid decisions.

Nature of Work

  • Understand the goals of the program
  • Examine the current approach used in the selection process
  • Identify decision criteria for selecting a proposal, grounded in the program’s goals
  • Rank and weight the selection criteria to develop a multi-attribute choice matrix using a pairwise analysis and group consensus
  • Identify the qualifying attributes for achieving an ideal weighting for each criterion, creating an “ideal point model” selection strategy
  • Roll up the attributes and weights to determine the percentage values for the selection criteria that will be presented in the program’s RFP

Key Project Outcomes/Successes

Procurement now has an easy-to-use multi-attribute decision tool to guide proposal selection. They use the tool to
set criteria for bid at the beginning of the year, ensuring that the criteria are grounded in the company’s strategic
plan for the year. When a large potential proposal comes up for review they use the tool to tailor the weights and
create an “ideal point model” for the specific proposal. This methodology has increased win rates in small
businesses from 34% to 87%.

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Inflexion Awarded Contract

July 8, 2015July 8, 2015
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